Stripwound Hoses

HYDRA® Stripwound hoses are produced in a continuous process by profiling and winding of a metal strip on to a mandrel. Based on the low degree of process deformation, Stripwound hoses can also be made from a wide range of austenitic, ferritic & non-ferrous materials. Standard materials include stainless steel, zinc plated steel, and brass. Products are also available with additional protective coatings including chromium or nickel.

Stripwound hoses are available in round and polygonal cross-section designs. Profile forms range from the simple engaged profile up to the more complex and durable fully interlocked. Increased leak tightness can be achieved by introducing a sealing material during the winding process within specially formed packing lip. Typical packing materials include Cotton, Rubber, and Ceramic threads. To further increase the leak tightness / prevent the ingress of external contaminants and liquids PVC or silicone sleeves can be added.

Primary features of Stripwound hoses include their good flexibility, high resistance to both tensile / crush loads in addition to their basic chemical and thermal stability. Widely used:

  • as protective hose for fibre optic and electrical cables,
  • as over-bending protection for corrugated hose assemblies,
  • as suction and conveying hose for fumes, solids, and granules,
  • as exhaust gas hose
  • as an internal liner to optimise flow or provide collapse resistance.

Stripwound hoses are used across wide range of industry sectors that include the measurement and control, communication, medical, passenger car / commercial and off road vehicle sectors.

Examples of products

Examples of products



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