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Compliance Guideline


Compliance is an essential part of our self-image.

The compliance guideline emphasizes the social and corporate responsibility of the Witzenmann Group; lawful conduct as well as fairness and integrity in the internal dealings with each other and in relation to customers, suppliers and other business partners, as well as in relation to competitors.


This Witzenmann Code of Conduct “Compliance Guideline” describes the main areas of action and is mandatory for all employees of the Witzenmann Group worldwide.

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers Version 01/2021_preview

Witzenmann is committed to managing its business in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. We expect all our suppliers to comply with the same standards of behaviour. Likewise, we require that all our employees respect the principles of sound environmental, social and ethical behaviour and that these principles are integrated in our corporate culture. We also strive to optimise the sustainability of our entrepreneurial activities and our products or services and require that our suppliers contribute to these efforts in the context of an integrated approach.

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