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Flexible bellows elements ensure greater safety and comfort.

Flexible elements for rail vehicles

Flexible metal hoses, bellows or exhaust gas expansion joints have many fields of application in the railway industry. Annularly corrugated hoses, in particular, are usable almost universally thanks to different connections.

Applications for rail vehicles

An overview of our products for rail vehicles

Cooling Pipes for Trains Image Text
Fluid Pipes

The restricted mounting space in the area of refrigeration systems, for example in the transformer oil cooling circuits, places high demands on the geometrical and technical characteristics of the flexible assemblies.

Product overview for piping and piping systems
Product Range For Train Exhausts Image Text
Upstream and downstream of the turbocharger

Flexible pipe elements for the engine and exhaust gas area, for example, are technically oil-proof and gas-proof, resistant to temperature, pressure, corrosion and age and have a compact design for when installation space is tight.

Product overview for vehicle parts in the exhaust system
Special Applications for Trains Image Text
Specialised Applications

Witzenmann's broad product portfolio of hoses and bellows also allow specialised requirements to be met, e.g. in:

  • liquid closed loops (oil, water, air-conditioning, braking systems)
  • protective hoses, cable systems with or without PVC sheathing
  • sprinkler applications
  • air-conditioning systems
Flexible elements for on- and off-highway

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