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Angular expansion joints stainless steel Witzenmann

Angular Expansion


Depending on the type of construction, the outer bracing has been designed in such a way that the expansion joint only works as a single joint, or as a gimbal joint that can absorb angular movements on all sides. Normally, 2 or 3 angular expansion joints are installed in a pipe section in order to function as a hinge system and to compensate for the movements that occur.

Multi-ply stainless steel bellows available in versions for internal sleeves, special materials and other varying flange tube designs.

In our standard program, we offer 3 expansion joint types per pressure stage and nominal diameter, which differ in terms of low, medium and high absorption of movements. Standard types can be tailored easily to your individual needs.

Do you need a special design? Please get in touch with us.

HYDRA angular expansion joints standard program

Angular Expansion Joints WBN/WBK stainless steel Witzenmann

Angular expansion joints with swivel flanges

Angular expansion joints WFN/WFK stainless steel Witzenmann

Angular expansion joints with plain fixed flanges

Angular expansion joints WRN/WRK stainless steel Witzenmann

Angular expansion joints with welding ends


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