Medical technology

The sensitive high-tech equipment used in human medicine must be protected from mechanical and chemical influences.

With an inner diameter of 0.3 mm, the protective hoses allow examinations to be conducted with minimal damage to human tissue and minimal disruption of the patient's internal organs. The field of high-tech medicine is now hard to imagine without the highly flexible stripwound hoses from Witzenmann. These light- and liquid-tight hoses met the strict U.S. regulations according to Pharmacopoeia Class VI and are classified as biocompatible in accordance with DIN/ISO 10993 1-5.

This means that the hoses - much like a medical implant - do not exert a detrimental influence on the human body. Their surface finish and pressure-resistant properties enable simple disinfection, even in autoclave sterilisation.

Technical features:

  • Small diameters for minimally-invasive medicine
  • Strict pharmaceutical standards
  • Suitable for autoclave sterilisation
  • Particularly smooth and durable interior and exterior surfaces
  • Certified biocompatibility


Product example

Product example


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