Witzenmann opens new production site at Pforzheim


World market leader invests in company headquarters and makes its production sustainable. The plant was officially opened on 17.5.2019.

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Witzenmann optimistic in the face of major challenges


Corporate group registers growth in all divisions, but experiences growing cost and price pressures.

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Growth in the Witzenmann Group


The Witzenmann Group continued its growth in 2018. By September 2018 the corporate group had earned revenues of €475 million. This is €11.6 (2.5%) more than in the same period the previous year.
In tandem with its continuing strong sales of components for passenger and utility vehicles, the Witzenmann Group is investing in product diversification. Examples of this include the foundation of the Aerospace business division at the Pforzheim site or the development of the business by opening up new applications and industrial production at sites in Asia.

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Witzenmann India – continues on the road to success


The Witzenmann Group is responding to the great demand in the automotive engineering and industry sectors in India by extending the production areas of its two sites. In the last 10 years alone, Witzenmann India has manufactured more than 10 million decoupling elements for cars and commercial vehicles for the local market. This success story is now to be continued in the industrial and rail transport sectors as well. Customised engineering and close-to-market production are the success factors of the global market leader.

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Witzenmann honoured as internationally operating company


Witzenmann was honoured with the GlobalConnect Award – for entrepreneurial achieve-ments in international business/focus on niche occupancy, environment and society.

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Witzenmann Slovakia celebrates 25th anniversary


Since its foundation in 1993, the subsidiary Witzenmann Slovakia in Vlkanova has grown from 4 to 147 employees and has a turnover of up to 10 million euros. The successful development and continuous growth were celebrated with employees, customers, suppliers and friends.

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Witzenmann Group with yet another record turnover


The internationally positioned group exceeds the turnover mark of €600 million for the first time.

Supported by a worldwide positive economic development, the Witzenmann Group was able to achieve a turnover of €614 million in 2017. Compared to the previous year (€570 million) this means a growth of 7.7%. Thus, the Witzenmann Group grew faster than the global economy (3.8%).
Even at the headquarters in Pforzheim, the turnover increased by 8.3% to €314 million. Decoupling elements and motor cables for cars, components for commercial vehicles and engines as well as expansion joints and flexible metal tubes for industrial applications have contributed significantly to the turnover growth in Europe.

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Sustainability Report 2017 published


Witzenmann has published a sustainability report in a new format. By joining the UN Global Compact, Witzenmann is committed to its 10 principles. These formulate clear guidelines on the topics of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. The Witzenmann Group has undertaken to publish annually its progress in the implementation of these principles, in accordance with the imposed bylaws.

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Performance of the Witzenmann Group exceeds expectations


The Witzenmann Group once again generated significant sales growth in 2017. At the end of October 2017, sales amounted to EUR 517 million, EUR 41 million up year-on-year and EUR 16 million more than planned.

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Witzenmann China acquires a new site in Jiangyin City


Witzenmann Group celebrated the expansion of its Chinese subsidiary with a grand opening ceremony. Witzenmann China has built its new corporate office at the Jiangyin City site and has expanded its capacity.

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Witzenmann repositions for the future


After the sudden, unexpected death of the chairman of the board of management, Dr. Hans-Eberhard Koch, Witzenmann is repositioning for the future with four managing directors.

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Dr. Hans-Eberhard Koch dies unexpectedly at the age of 67


Management executive with vision and great social commitment
For almost thirty years, Dr. Hans-Eberhard Koch stood at the helm of the company Witzenmann and was instrumental in creating an international corporate group of lasting success.

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Witzenmann Group successfully concludes the year 2016


The Pforzheim-based family-owned company achieves turnover at the level of the previous year.

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Witzenmann holds its own in the difficult environment


The Pforzheim-based family-owned company reports a slight drop in sales, but looks to the future with confidence. An international presence, product diversity and innovative strength safeguard the market position.

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On a new mission


Witzenmann supplies valve bellows for the next generation of NASA spaceships

On 13 September 2016, the Executive Management of Witzenmann greets a high-level delegation of the US Space Agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA as well as representatives of the world's second largest aerospace company Airbus Defence and Space at the company headquarters in Pforzheim. The background to the visit is one of the most ambitious current projects in international astronautics – the construction of the NASA spaceship Orion. With the Orion mission, NASA is reactivating its plans for astronautics beyond near-to-earth orbits. Witzenmann is supplying components of the fuel supply system for the interplanetary spaceship.

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WITZENMANN continues on a growth course


The family-owned company based in Pforzheim reached a new turnover record in 2015 and benefitted from its strong international orientation.

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Growth through internationalisation and innovation


"The course of business over the current year has exceeded our expectations. If the fourth quarter proceeds according to plan, we will generate total turnover of 565 million euros", says Hans-Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the Management Board. Through the end of September, the Group generated 436.8 million euros in revenue. This figure represents a 41.7 million euro (10.6%) increase from the same period of the previous year (adjusted for currency effects: +21.7 million euros / +5.5%).

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Witzenmann Mexico is ready for take-off


The Witzenmann Group has many subsidiaries worldwide, each producing and selling primarily in and for their local market. Being close to the customer is the determining factor when choosing a location as was the case for Witzenmann’s 24th subsidiary in the Mexican city Celaya. With the building of the production facilities completed, Witzenmann Mexico invited interested customers, mainly manufacturers of exhaust systems and automotive manufacturers, to come and take a first look. The message behind the well-attended event: “Witzenmann is ready for take-off” –  this was also the title of the invitation.

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WITZENMANN on a growth course


– Group turnover leaps past the 500 million mark –

"Under somewhat difficult economic conditions, we managed to stay on track and were once again able to improve our performance." These are the words used by Hans-Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the Executive Board, to sum up the previous year – one in which Witzenmann successfully expanded its solid market position while also posting stronger growth.

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Významné ocenenie pre Witzenmann Slovakia


Slovenská informačná a marketingová spoločnosť, a.s. a Národné informačné stredisko Slovenskej republiky, a.s. hodnotili  bonitu  a stabilitu komerčných subjektov podnikajúcich na území Slovenskej republiky.  

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Witzenmann enjoys continued growth


- Internationalisation continues apace

The Witzenmann Group is the world's leading manufacturer of metal hoses, capacitors, metal bellows and vehicle parts.
Over 3,700 employees at 23 companies in 18 countries develop and produce tailor-made solutions for customers from all sectors of industry. Witzenmann is a technological leader in its sector, and as well as offering a comprehensive product range is able to demonstrate wide-ranging engineering expertise in the field of flexible metallic pipe elements.

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Witzenmann records sustained growth and sets the course for the future


- International market position further strengthened -

The Witzenmann Group is the world's leading manufacturer of metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows and vehicle parts. Around 3600 employees in 23 companies in 18 countries develop and produce custom solutions for customers in all sectors of industry. Witzenmann is a technology leader in its field and alongside a comprehensive product range can also lay claim to broad engineering expertise in the field of flexible metallic conduit elements.

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Witzenmann Group continues to grow - Turnover of €500 million within reach


The Witzenmann Group is the world's leading manufacturer of flexible metal tubes, expansion joints, metal bellows and automotive components. Over 3,600 employees in 23 companies in 18 countries develop, produce and sell tailor-made technical solutions for customers from all branches of industry. Witzenmann is a global technological leader within its sector, has the most extensive product range and offers extensive expertise in the field of flexible metallic pipeline elements.


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Shareholder and Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Trutz von Trotha-Witzenmann deceased


Trutz von Trotha-Witzenmann (16 September 1946 - 18 May 2013) Trutz von Trotha-Witzenmann was born in Dieburg 1946. As adopted son of Dr. Witzenmann and Ruth Witzenmann he grew up in Pforzheim, where he spent his school years.

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Witzenmann Group with an all-time high turnover in 2012


After a strong growth in sales in the previous year, the Group could realise further growth in 2012.

The Management Board reported moderate sales growth from € 15.4 million to € 472.9 million, or 3.4%. "The Witzenmann Group managed to reach a new record turnover", explains Hans-Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the Management Board.

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