Design and calculation

Ever shortening development cycles call for sound design and relevant calculation results even in the early stages of development. FEM programs, such as Patran, Nastran, and Marc, can be used to de-termine the most important characteristics of parts by calculation in the design phase. Material stress distribution and functional characteristics such as static and dynamic stiffness, natural frequencies, and stability limits are used as the basis of service life calculations.

In the conceptual stage we can provide our customers with FE models of Witzenmann products for static and dynamic analyses. Due to the close correlation of calculation and experimental methods, the math models, and calculation results are always close to the physical reality. Therefore, our customers can integrate components made by Witzenmann into their calculations and achieve representative results.

Witzenmann design engineers can use in-house design programs in their daily work that allow many of the typical repetitive tasks to be managed precisely and efficiently. The design programs for proof of strength are in compliance with pertinent rules established by ASME, EJMA, and the Pressure Equipment Directive for expansion joints, and assure a consistent method for the analysis of operating loads on decoupling elements.

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