Corrugated Hoses

HYDRA® Corrugated hoses are formed from seamless or longitudinally welded tubes and are available in a large variety of wall thicknesses, material types, and assembled configurations. They are typically used to provide leak tight connections when conveying fluids / gases either under positive pressure or vacuum. Metal hoses are used to absorb and compensate for static misalignment, dynamic motion, thermal expansion and vibration within pipe systems.

Corrugated hoses that are required to meet the strictest technical cleanliness demands / required free of contaminants (particles and film residue) are manufactured in a special clean room environment.

Connection options:

  • Flanged connections fixed or swivel
  • Weld ends (with or without bevel)
  • Threaded connections, fixed or swivel
  • Pipe ends (for compression fittings)
  • Quick release couplings / Proprietary couplings
  • Special connection fittings to meet specific customer & industry requirements


Software for selection and presentation of metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows, and pipe supports. more

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