Lateral / Angular Expansion Joints

This range of restrained expansion joints includes both angular and lateral types.

Standard angular expansion joints include hinged anchoring structures allowing absorb movements in a single plane whilst Gimbal designs allow movement in any angular plane.

Lateral expansion joints absorb transverse and lateral movements and include restraints in the form of a ball bearing type tie rod or flat tie bar with bolts or cross hinges. A lateral expansion joint consists of two angular expansion joints connected by an intermediate pipe. The extent of the allowable lateral movement is controlled by a combination of the bending angle of the hinge arrangement and the length of the intermediate pipe.

Unlike unrestrained axial and universal expansion joints, hinged expansion joints do not apply the axial loads created by internal pressurisation to the adjacent pipe supports since it is absorbed by the tie rod / bar / hinge arrangement.

Key Features:  

  • Compensation of movement in planar and spatial systems
  • Sizes up to DN 6000 and for higher pressures
  • Flanged or Weld End connections
  • Incorporation of patented anchoring structures


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